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‘Diocese’ refers to the geographical territory in which a bishop exercises oversight. The Church in Wales is divided into six dioceses each with its own cathedral in which is housed the cathedra (the bishop’s ‘chair’ or ‘throne’).

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Delegates share their thoughts on new vision

We caught up with a few delegates at this year's Diocesan Conference to see what they thought of our new 'look' as we launched our vision.

Revd Ruth Rowan

"I love that we are future focused. Communicating the Good News of faith in our communities has been lost – this puts it back at the centre!

"We have done a wonderful job of crisis management over the last couple of years, but now is the time to turn this into fruitfulness and growth.

"This vision can do it if we genuinely want it to happen. We’ve all got to commit. We need to inspire lay people to commit, that is when change will happen.

"We are already using the branch icons in my Ministry Area and we will be using them much more - I think they are great!"

"I am excited by the new vision. It has been well thought- through and consulted in the whole way through.

"The clear branches deliver a clear vision, guidance and strategy.

"But need people to engage and get behind the vision.

"Our Ministry Area has used it to develop its own vision to ensure the two ‘dovetail’. It offers clear guidance, so we are not working in a muddle

"It feels like the diocese is a safe place to be!"

Fr Mark Owen
Philippa Dixey, Treasurer

"I love the tree analogy – the possibility to grow if we nuture."

"We are living in a time where people want things quickly and I believe this new vision encapsulates everything in an easy and accessible way – everyone needs a copy!"

"I was part of the group which looked at 'diversity' during the consultations held in developing the vision.

"I love the positive and hopeful tone of the vision. It is very proactive and shows a way forward. It is also so inclusive, which is amazing – it the inclusivity which gives me hope."

Revd Linda Batt
Revd Lisa Taylor

"I really like that the vision focuses on what we are about.

"The five branches give us guidance and remind us what is important. For example, sometimes we only think about stewardship at certain times of the year - but it should be weaved into all we do. I think this vision will allow churches to flourish and grow in strength and confidence."

"I think the new vision is vibrant and the content is down to earth and relevant.

"The vision addresses community issues and puts them at the heart of the gospel."

Revd Catherine Haynes