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Who's who?

For general enquiries please contact monmouthadministration@churchinwales.org.uk or ring 01633 267490

Diocesan Secretary

Isabel Thompson

Isabel Thompson

Email: isabelthompson@churchinwales.org.uk

Mobile: 07493 669511

Diocesan Accountant

Bethan Davies

Bethan Davies

Email: bethandavies@churchinwales.org.uk

Mobile: 07464 676335

Admin and Finance Assistant

Libby Morgan-Owen

Libby Morgan-Owen

Email: libbymorgan-owen@churchinwales.org.uk

Mobile: 07508 801511

Parsonage Inspector

Garry Reeder

Head of Education

Beccie Morteo

Children, Youth and Families

Rachel Nelmes

Rachel Nelmes

Email: rachelnelmes@churchinwales.org.uk

usual working days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Training, Events and Committee Co-Ordinator

Clare King-Smith

Clare King-Smith

Email: clareking-smith@cinw.org.uk
Mobile: 07985 561207

Communications Officer

Debra Goddard

Debra Goddard

Email: debragoddard@churchinwales.org.uk

Mobile: 07392 319065

Church Resource Officer

Zoe Ward

Admin Assistant

Gillian Neil

Hub Church Project Manager

Emily Martins

Email: emilymartins@cinw.org.uk

Churches and Property Officer


Please use the details below:

Email: monmouthadministration@churchinwales.org.uk

Mobile: 01633 267490