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Advent means ‘coming’ and is the special four-week period leading up to Christmas. It is a time to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’s birth but also for his coming in glory at the end of time.

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Advent 2020

Darkness Into Light

Advent is a time to look forward. For many of us it’s the exciting countdown to Christmas which we mark by opening a new door on our Advent calendar. For Christians, Advent marks the start of a new year. It’s a precious time to reflect and prepare as we wait to celebrate the coming of Christ into the world. Christ is the light of the world and as his coming approaches, we move from a world of darkness – of death, fear and sin - into a world of light – of hope, promise and life.

The Christian message of Advent is particularly relevant this year to a world thrown into crisis by the Covid pandemic. We are living our lives as never before - distanced from each other, anxious, uncertain, fearful, sick and grieving. Many feel the shadows of darkness and despair all around them.

We are supporting the Church In Wales' #DarknessIntoLight Advent campaign aims to draw people to the light - the pure light we find in Christ’s message of salvation for all and its reflection through the love and good works of those all around us. With love for those around us, we can help bring the light into dark corners.

We invite you to share these resources and join in the activities.

Be inspired. Bear the torch. Be a light to others

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