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Christians believe that each one of us is created by God with a mixture of gifts, skills, experience and personality that is unique to us. Throughout our lives, from our earliest days, God invites us to delight in what he has blessed us with and use it in his service; the service of love.Each person has a vocation to which they are called; a special work that only they can do which will make use of all that God has gifted to them. Growing into that vocation will be a life’s work and will be shaped by our life experience.If you would like to join a Monmouth Young Vocations Facebook page, please contact Becca at with others what God’s vocation for you might be is exciting, daunting and life-giving and is part of us fulfilling the wonderful potential that God has placed within us all.All of us need other people to encourage and help us discern our vocation. The Holy Spirit uses all sorts of people and ways to help us on our journey. Sometimes that help is as simple as the relative or friend who encourages us towards something we are good at. Sometimes it needs a good conversation with a wise person who has travelled the road before us to discover how to move forward. Sometimes that help might even be in the door that closes a direction we thought we were going in.Some will sense a vocation to ministry and leadership in the Church. That can be an exciting and awe-inspiring prospect, though often we are the last people to recognise that this is what God is inviting us into. The possible roles within the church, are many and varied. In addition to the more traditional roles of parish priest and licensed lay minister, they include chaplaincy in hospitals, prisons and other institutions as well as specialised ministries with distinctive groups such as young people, children and young families, people with disabilities.Find out more about these different roles on our Calling Conversations page:

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Calling Conversations - Discover different ways to answer God's call

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If you are sensing God calling you into a particular ministry or you simply want to explore this further, then you should talk to your local Priest in the first instance. They will be able to help you discern the next steps and may point you towards the Director of Vocations who will listen to your story and advise about how to move forward.For more information and support, please visit:Calling WalesCalling Wales on FacebookWhat is Vocation?

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Find our what vocation means with a few familiar faces from across the diocese.....

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