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Diocesan Advisory Committee

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Each Diocese has a Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) which advises the Chancellor upon Faculty applications.The DAC includes members with expertise in particular areas relating to church buildings, such as architecture, organs, archaeology, etc. The DAC’s main role is in advising the Chancellor of the Diocese in connection with applications for Faculties to authorise the carrying out of works to churches and churchyards.However, the DAC is always willing to give advice to parishes prior to their making applications for Faculties.Monmouth DAC membersREGULAR MEMBERSMr Robert Evans (Chair) (Elected Member)The Ven Jonathan Williams, Archdeacon of Newport (Deputy Chair)The Ven Ian Rees, Archdeacon of MonmouthDean Ian Black, Dean of St Woolos CathedralFr.John Connell (Elected Member)Mr Michael Plageman (CADW Representative)Ms Kath Hilsden (Amenities Society Representative)Ms Lindsay Christian (Local Authority Representative)Mr Steven Knott (Surveyor)Mr Ashley Rogers (Structural Engineer)Dr Peter Webster (Archaeologist)Professor Ray Howell (Archaeology/Local History)Mr Eric Evans (Conservation/Architecture Advisor)Specialist advisorsMr Andrew Bull (Bells Advisor)Ms Rachel Howells (Artefact Conservation Advisor)Mr Oliver Fairclough (Arts Advisor)Dr Emma Gibbins (Organs Advisor)Ms Judith Leigh (Stained Glass Advisor)SecretaryMr Jonathan Perons (DAC Secretary)DAC meetingsThe fully-completed Faculty form together with PCC Resolution, copy Form 2 and all supporting documentation must be with the Care of Churches department at the Diocesan Office 9 working days before the date of the DAC meeting.Please make sure that full specifications of work are supplied together with supporting plans (A3 is the largest size we can photocopy) and photographs (preferably digital). Incomplete information may mean that consideration of your application has to be adjourned to the next meeting.Note that the final decision on any faculty application rests with the Chancellor of the Diocese, Mr Mark Powell QC. It is the Chancellor alone who may grant a faculty – the DAC may only recommend a proposal.Please click here for minutes of the latest DAC meeting:27/01/2021 Meeting

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