Faculty Forms

Form 1 Part 1: Prior Notification Form

Most faculty applications do not require this form. It is normally only needed for a large project or one that needs specialist advice eg. a major re-ordering or a design for a new stained glass window. It enables the DAC to give you a preliminary response to your project before you submit a full application, thus potentially avoiding unnecessary professional costs if your proposal needs amendment. A site visit by the DAC may also be recommended, which will give you the opportunity to discuss the project before proceeding with a full application.

Form 1 Part 2: Form to Apply for a Faculty

This form must be completed for all faculty applications. However, some types of projects, such as work to a stained glass window, will also require an additional form to be completed (see below for a description of these). The Care of Churches team will be able to advise which form/s you need and what supporting information you should include with the application.

Guidance Notes

These notes should be read prior to filling in the main faculty form (Form 1 Part 2). They are referred to on the form itself and will help you with your faculty application.

Form 2

This is the public notice which should accompany every faculty application. You will note that the form is separated into three sheets.

  • Exterior sheet should be displayed outside the church
  • Interior sheet should be displayed inside the church
  • Registry Copy should be returned to the Diocesan Office with your faculty application.

Form A: Work in Churchyards (including graves)

This form will be required for the removal or repositioning of gravestones & monuments, works to listed & scheduled monuments in the churchyard and the erection of monuments & memorials that do not confirm with the Churchyard Regulations.

Form B: Commemorative Plaques in Churches

Permission is very rarely granted for the installation of a plaque unless the individual to be commemorated has made a very special or outstanding service to their church, community or country. Specific design and wording details will also be required for any plaques in churches.

Form C: Disposal of Church Contents

Items given to a church become the property of the Representative Body (RB) of the Church in Wales unless specifically stated otherwise (eg. in a bequest to the parish). You will therefore need permission from the RB to dispose of any items or transfer them to another parish.

Form D: Works to Stained Glass

Consent will be needed to install a new stained stained glass window or repair or replace an existing one. Design and inscription details will be required for new and replacement windows. Designs incorporating memorial inscriptions are not encouraged.

Form E: Removal or Disturbance of Human Remains

Permission will be required for the removal or disturbance of human remains (cremated and uncremated) from an existing grave, vault or tomb. You will also need consent from any surviving relatives and an exhumation licence from the Ministry of Justice.

Form F: Reservation of Grave Space

The reservation of grave space will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please speak with the Care of Churches team on this issue before before submitting any forms.

Statement of Justification

This form will normally only be required for major projects (especially to a Grade I or II* listed church), large re-ordering schemes, change of use or works that will substantially alter a church’s external appearance. The Care of Churches team will advise if you need to complete one.