Our Churchyards and burial grounds are special places, associated in many people’s minds with peace, remembrance, spirituality and wellbeing. Many are considerably older than the church buildings that stand within them. As a result, they may contain significant archaeological remains. They can be rich sources of information about the communities that have surrounded them, stretching back over hundreds of years. As well as being of historical and archaeological importance, many are also a rich source of wildlife, often providing a sanctuary for plants and animals that are rare and endangered elsewhere in Wales.

All our churchyards are governed by the Churchyard Regulations 2016, which sets out the fee structure associated with burials and the erection of monuments and memorials. Enquiries of this nature should be directed to the relevant incumbent in the first instance.

The Church in Wales has produced a comprehensive policy and guidance note on the management of churchyards. However, if you would like to speak to somebody, please call the Diocesan Office on 01633 267490 or email Isabel or Stephen.

Before making any changes within your churchyard, you are strongly advised to check whether will need a faculty. Any works to trees within churchyards will require the permission of your Archdeacon. Please also be aware that you will need to provide six weeks’ notice to your Local Authority for any works to trees within a designated Conservation Area. You will need to obtain consent for works to those that are the subject of a Tree Preservation Order.