Diocesan press releases

Electoral College to elect new Bishop of Monmouth

The Electoral College will meet in Newport Cathedral on September 17-19 to elect the new Bishop of Monmouth.

The profile for the Bishop has now been published. Click here for the English version and click here for the Welsh version.

The representatives from the Monmouth Diocese who will attend the College are:

  • Canon Anne Golledge
  • Dean Lister Tonge
  • Archdeacon Jonathan Williams
  • The Reverend John Connell
  • The Reverend Kevin Hasler
  • The Reverend John Collier
  • Paulette Brown
  • Kate Stephens
  • Elaine Weaver
  • Sarah Mulcahy
  • Robert Evans
  • Christopher Cotterill

Whilst only these members of the Diocese will be involved in the election process the Archbishop has invited all communicants to a Eucharist Service in the Cathedral at 9.30am prior to each day’s meeting.

Below are two prayers which we encourage you to use in the run up to and during the College.

Prayer for the next Bishop of Monmouth

Faithful God, in every generation

you raise up leaders for your people

and give them wisdom, insight and courage.

Give to your church in this Diocese of Monmouth

a Bishop to lead us into the future,

to care for and inspire us,

to teach and to nurture us.

Keep the person you are calling under the shadow of your wing,

and teach us all to trust in the guidance which is yours alone,

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer for the members of the Electoral College of the Church in Wales

Eternal God,

we pray for the members of the Electoral College of the Church in Wales

who have been entrusted with the nomination and election

of the next Bishop of Monmouth.

May they undertake the task with wisdom and discernment, humility and openness.

Guide them by your Spirit,

so that in this as in all things your will may be done;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.