Diocesan press releases

Support for school govenors

School governors from across the diocese had a chance to share their experiences, plan for the future and learn how the diocese can best support them at a recent supper event.

Organised by Dr Annette Daly, Diocesan Director of Education, 23 Governing Body representatives attended the supper at the Diocesan Office – filling the room with more than 174 years experience between them.

Dr Daly said: “In bringing this substantial experience to impact on around 3878 children in our diocesan schools, their families, the staff who work with them and the communities in which they reside – we verified that our school governors are making a very significant impact within our diocese. They have been described as “the largest unpaid army of influencers for good in changing lives of young people” (Mark Craig, www.question-mark.org) and I would agree! 

“During the evening, we made connections, surveyed the landscape with which we’re dealing and planned for how we can further develop as efficiently and effectively as possible.  We look forward to moving forward in establishing Diocesan GB networks and, in collaboration with Mark Craig, setting up training opportunities that will enable us to refresh our view of what our church schools stand for and how we can strategically enable them to blossom even more.  Thank you to all our school governors for all the work that you do: there is a real ministry of support and growth in your role and we deeply appreciate your huge contributions in this regard.” 

If you are interested in becoming a foundation (church) governor in one of diocesan school, please contact zoeward@churchinwales.org.uk or call her on 01633 267490.