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Diocesan Conference 2018 – let’s talk mission!

This year’s Diocesan Conference was all about Mission! 

 With the launch of @MissionMonmouth #LoveWithoutLimit, we were all reminded that we have everything we need in this diocese to grow the Kingdom of God – now we need to be more intentional about how we ‘do’ mission. 

We need to get out there and take risks, dream dreams, pray deeply, talk of hope, show love, worship joyfully and have fun sharing God’s @MissionMonmouth. 

 In her address, Archdeacon of the Gwent Valleys and Director of Mission, The Venerable Sue Pinnington, said: “At the heart of @MissionMonmouth we need to remember why we are doing this – so that more and more people can encounter the transformational love of God. 

 “That we, each one of us, will be changed, as we deepen our own understanding of God, growing in our own discipleship, prayer and worship. 

 “That people and communities can be reinvigorated by knowing a lovewithoutlimit, by experiencing the gift of hope.

 “That by our witness of words and actions everyone young and old, gay or straight, all ethnicities, all cultures and languages may experience the joy, hope and love that comes from knowing God, creator, redeemer and sustainer.”

 Held at Caldicot School, the conference was lead in worship beautifully by the students from the school’s youth group. The school orchestra also gave up a Saturday morning ‘lie-in’ to provide the wonderful music. 

 A packed agenda meant even the coffee-break was used to talk all things ‘mission’ and there was certainly a buzz in the room as members were asked for their thoughts on three questions: (1) What is mission? (2) If your church was given £50,000 – how would you spend it? (3) Evangelism Bid ideas? These ideas were written on post-it notes which filled the walls. 

 As well as looking ahead to the future of mission, Archdeacon Sue also encouraged us to celebrate the work already being done across the diocese. She addressed the members, asking them to stand if they were involved in mission work. As she listed projects and initiatives, the room was on its feet.

 Exciting times are ahead so follow us @MissionMonmouth #LoveWithoutLimit and updates will be available at monmouth.churchinwales.org.uk

A copy of the address given by The Venerable Sue Pinnington is available Diocesan-Conference-2018-Address

Key speaker, The Venerable Sue Pinnington


Time to think big with our mission ideas

There was certainly a buzz of inspiration and involvement at this year’s conference

The ‘post-it’ wall is starting to fill up nicely!