Diocesan press releases

Displaced people to be remembered

St Mary’s Priory in Abergavenny is working with Christian Aid to draw attention to the plight of the 40 million people who are displaced within their own country.

On Wednesday, 12 September at 7pm a week-long exhibition, which will help people find out more about the problem and how they can help, will be launched with public meeting at which one of the speakers has experienced first hand the devastation of displacement.

Worldwide, two thirds of people who are forced to leave their homes remain in their own country. Seeking safety but unwilling or unable to cross a border, they are largely ignored by the international community and denied the official protection afforded to refugees.

If we knew all their names, it would take us well over a year to read them aloud – even without stopping to sleep.The reasons for their displacement are many: conflict, flooding, drought, fear. But invariably, the poorest face the hardest challenges. Displacement leaves many without a safe place to call home. It increases the chances of losing out on jobs and education, and it puts people at increased risk of violence.

The UN and its member states are currently working on two new agreements on refugees and migration, yet neither will tackle the problem of internal displacement. The world can and must do better. All people on the move should be protected from harm and have a chance to rebuild their lives.

During the week,  visitors to the church will be  able to view a Christian Aid Display and read how you may help and campaign for them.