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Church founded in the 12th Century launches into 21st Century online world as a welcoming, affirming and inclusive church

The Parish of Rumney, and it’s 12th Century parish church of St Augustine, were propelled into the modern world of online communication on Sunday (12 August) with the launch of their new website parishofrumney.org

With a popular page on Facebook, @RumneyParish which has 650 followers, the Parish Priest, Fr John Connell, and curate, Fr Ross Maidment, decided that the time had come to bring St Augustine’s well and truly into the 21st Century and raise the parish’s profile via modern media.

Fr John, admitted that, without the technical skills of Fr Ross, they wouldn’t have been able to construct such a wonderful website.

He said: “I must confess my lack of knowledge and skills in building the website and I must humbly pray for Fr Ross’s forgiveness for my constant questioning and interference!  We got there in the end and the fantastic results speak for themselves. We have put the smiling face of St Augustine’s out there to such good effect on the web!”

Fr Ross launched the new parish website at the end of Parish Mass and, thanks to a major reordering of the church in 2017 which created a more flexible space, clergy were able to set up a few internet stations where parishioners were able to visit the new website and surf away with a cuppa after mass.

Parishioner Angela Davies, expressed the view of the congregation when she said: “The website looks brilliant and so professional.”

The website keeps people informed about regular services and special events at St Augustine’s.  It also enables people to book baptisms, weddings, and make donations to the church through online giving.  The church has purchased a card reader as society moves more and more towards a cashless society, enabling collection of wedding fees, donations etc fees, and also offers an alternative payment method at a variety of church and community events.

The parish’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are all embedded into the website to ensure that the latest news from the church and parish are shared with as wide an audience as possible.

Alongside its new website, St Augustine’s also launched its #inclusionis campaign.

Fr Ross, explained: “St Augustine’s seeks to be an inclusive church which welcomes, affirms and includes all God’s people and our new website enables us to witness to a wider community for whom the internet is at the centre of everyday life.

“As we seek to proclaim the Good News of God’s love for all his rainbow people, we launched our website alongside our #inclusionis campaign.  Members of our church family from the youngest to the oldest were invited to write down what being an inclusive church really means to them.  It is these powerful messages of inclusion that form the heart of our inclusivity statement on our website.”

St Augustine’s Rumney – an inclusive church for the 21st Century, please come and visit us at parishofrumney.org, or better still at 10am every Sunday morning!

Fr Ross Maidment

Youngsters ‘check-out’ the new website

Surfing the new website after Mass!