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Sermon reminds us about the church’s mediation service

Preaching at St Mary’s Priory, Abergavenny, Canon Mark Soady reminded us that we are called by today’s Gospel (Matthew 18. 15-20) to remove our differences with our neighbour.

The Church in Wales’ Mediation Service helps us to do that in the church context.

He said: “Six of the Ten Commandments are about our relationship with our fellow human beings because, as Jesus said, if we cannot get relationships right with those we see how can we have a right relationship with God, who we do not see.

“So how do we often deal with a disagreement with a fellow human being? We keep it to ourselves, whilst brooding over the injury. Such behaviour can result in it causing us more hurt, as it festers in our heart. Then we start telling our friends about the hurt – we bring them in not to help heal the situation, but to corroborate our feelings about the situation. Often the last person to hear about the hurt is the person who is causing it.

“Today’s Gospel calls on us to do things differently. It tells us to confront the person who does the hurt to us, not in an aggressive way, but in an honest way that clears the air.

“However, the Gospel recognises that sometime the hurt is so great that a third Party, a mediator, is needed to help facilitate that conversation – that is just what the Church in Wales’ Mediation Service is there to do.

“We as followers of Christ, as members of the Body of Christ are called to live together in peace and love – Do make use of the organs that are there to help us do that.”

Fr Mark is a Member of the Church in Wales Mediation Team.

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