Diocesan press releases

Excellence, Exploration and Encouragement

More than 550 school leavers, from our 16 Diocesan church schools, were welcomed into Newport Cathedral to participate in Leavers’ Services to mark their transition.

The Dean of the Cathedral, the Very Reverend Lister Tonge welcomed all the children, head teachers, staff and associated clergy to this celebration of a major life transition.

In her introduction, Dr Annette Daly, the Diocesan Director of Education, assured the children that while they were leavers from their schools, they were not leavers from the Diocese but still very much part of our community of faith.

Bishop Richard talked to the children about the themes of the service: Excellence, Exploration and Encouragement.

The service featured plenty of active participation with an Alleluia school register / Mexican wave, prayers composed by the children based on the fruits of the Holy Spirit, plenty of singing, the giving and blessing of gifts to all leavers, praying the Lord’s Prayer in words and actions and – towards the end – offering encouragement to each other through a sharing of high fives!