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Special delivery marking Agincourt 600 for Abergavenny

St Mary’s Priory Church, Abergavenny, has begun the run up to Christmas by planting a special yew tree in commemoration of its associations with the battle of Agincourt

St Mary’s Priory Church Abergavenny has taken delivery of a yew tree provided by the Woodland Trust and Agincourt 600 to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt when the Welsh archers and men at arms joined Henry V’s troops at this famous battle.

Children from Cantref Primary School Abergavenny helped Reverend Canon Mark Soady to plant the tree in the Abbot’s Garden. He explained “We would like to thank the Woodland Trust for providing this special tree. The Yew is an appropriate choice; regarded as sacred and associated with churches and churchyards.

“We have been working closely with Agincourt 600 Wales Legacy as they develop an Agincourt Trail this winter. Trees are being planted by Woodland Trust at sites across the region associated with the Agincourt story such as here at St Mary’s. We are building on this year’s anniversary and will be telling more of the compelling story of how this area played a part in the story of Agincourt and 15th century history to school children and the general public.”

The Abbot’s Garden was once used by monks living in St Mary’s Priory to grow vegetables so that they could become self sufficient and also grow herbs for cooking and in medicines. In medieval times an enclosed garden was a sacred area and in paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary she is  represented holding lilies. Many Welsh names of flowers and plants are named after her. The Garden is tended today by a group of volunteers.”

Children from Cantref Primary School are just one of the many school parties who will be attending their own  Christingle service at St Mary’s. More details of Christmas services can be found here http://www.stmarys-priory.org/news.php