Diocesan press releases

Monmouth Grapevine launched at Diocesan Conference

The Diocese of Monmouth’s new quarterly magazine, Monmouth Grapevine, has been launched at the Diocesan Conference by the Rt Revd Richard Pain, Bishop of Monmouth.

The magazine has been developed following a consultation over the summer, and includes news and features from around the Diocese.

Bishop Richard Pain said: “The new design of the Diocesan magazine reflects the feedback received over the summer and we are grateful to all who contributed.  The title was suggested by two people and this encapsulates so many strands of our life – that we believe Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, the vine on which the grape grows which is so special to our Eucharist, and that the grapevine is how we find out about news around the Diocese.

“We hope the magazine will focus on different areas of ministry, feature news from around the Diocese, and help make sense of broader subjects facing us as Christians today.

“A new addition to the magazine is the ‘Back Chat’ feature, which is a short meditation, which appears on the back cover, and will be written by a range of people involved in ministry around the Diocese.  We pray that this new-look magazine will be used as a tool for evangelism and ministry in people’s own communities, and would encourage people to read it and then share it with others, to help spread the good news of the gospel around our Diocese.”

The Monmouth Grapevine will be available from all Church in Wales churches in the Diocese of Monmouth, or on request from the Diocesan Office.  It can also be downloaded from the Diocese of Monmouth website here.