Diocesan press releases

New Ministry Area for Cyncoed

The new Cyncoed Ministry Area is the third Ministry Area within the Diocese of Monmouth to be commissioned this year.

On Sunday 27 September, the Rt Revd Richard Pain, Bishop of Monmouth, gathered with the congregations of the Rectorial Benefice of Cyncoed to celebrate and commission it as the new Cyncoed Ministry Area.

The new Ministry Area will be made up of All Saints, Cyncoed, St Edeyrn’s, St David’s and All Saints, Llanedeyrn, and encompasses 20,000 houses which should be built in the next decade as part of the new Cardiff Local Development Plan. Revd Mark Lawson-Jones, the Ministry Area Leader, is working with a dedicated team to both ordained and lay people to minister in a variety of ways across the Ministry Area, and help the congregations come together and explore new ways of worshipping.

The new Ministry Area leader, Revd Mark Lawson Jones said: “The commissioning of our Ministry Area is a time of great celebration for us. We have built a team of many different people, with many different gifts. Together, we will continue to look outwards to the communities around us and engage in real issues that affect real people.

“Too often the Church is seen as disinterested and distant. God isn’t like this, so the Church shouldn’t be either.  Ministry Areas help us to look again at the mission of the church and focus on the important skills and gifts we need, recognising that if God sends us to do a job, we have the tools we need. All are welcome to play a full part, no one is turned away.”

He went on to comment on the new areas of work being developed at ahead of the commissioning.  “We have a strong presence in the communities through chaplaincy of one kind or another, schools, businesses and our community shops. However we are also praying for new ventures like a ‘Junk Food Cafe’ and a ‘Care and Repair’ scheme for people needing help at home. All this rests on the foundation of prayer and worship in new and traditional forms of worship.”

Finally, when asked about what other parishes might do to get ready to form a ministry area Revd Mark said: “There is one little thing that started this whole journey. So obvious, that people easily forget. We started public Morning Prayer in the parish church each day. Just fifteen minutes praying for the church and the world has helped us to focus. To pray for ourselves and others and to commit to action.  It all begins and ends in prayer, each parish should be doing this.”