Pioneer Ministry

Pioneer Ministry is about connecting with the communities outside of our churches and developing new and appropriate forms of church.  It is for all of us who recognise that there are groups in our community who don’t connect with church as it is.  Pioneer Ministry provides some helpful tools to think about how to engage these groups in a way that would be relevant to them.  It involves listening to our communities, lovingly serving those outside the church, building relationships, sharing faith and exploring discipleship and church in new ways.  

There are a number of ways we can support you in exploring Pioneer Ministry – in some of our Ministry Areas we have run vision days, the Mission Shaped Introduction course and the longer Mission Shaped Ministry course.  These are informal opportunities for groups to explore what might be possible in their communities and to gain wisdom from what has been tried elsewhere.  We are also part of our ecumenical Pioneer Hub, which organises visits to Pioneer projects and talks and conferences to learn more about Pioneering.  These events have proved inspirational in the past and are a great chance to learn from experienced Pioneers. Further information about the Pioneer Hub and details of upcoming events can be found on our website