Ministry Areas

At the heart of the vision and strategy for the Diocese is the creation of ‘Ministry Areas’.

During the period 2015 to 2018 all local churches will become part of a newly designated Ministry Area; it total there are likely to be around 25 such units across the Diocese.

Sharing mission and ministry amongst all Gods people is at the heart of our Diocesan vision. Ministry Areas are all about people; working together within Ministry Teams including ordained ministry and licensed and commissioned ministers who might have specialism’s in all sorts of areas of community and church life and development.  They are also envisaged as being places where people can flourish, developing their God given gifts and skills, in an environment of creativity and encouragement, with the support of others.

As part of the process of developing a new Ministry Area local congregations are expected to look afresh at the opportunities and challenges for growing God’s kingdom that are particular to their local context and to put in place a plan for making this happen! This should include all aspects of church life and witness; existing and new and the Diocese is supporting this through it specialist officers and a range of new grants.

Each Ministry Area is likely to be different; in shape, size and make up; but perhaps also having different ways of working and different mission priorities. No two will be the same!

The publications to the left explain more about Ministry Areas and the wider Diocesan Strategy. You can download them from the links or, for printed copies, contact the Diocesan Office.

Download a copy of Monmouth Ministry Area Profile here