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‘Bishop’ comes from the Greek word for ‘overseer’. So a bishop is a senior Christian minister authorised to have oversight for God’s people. As well as duties given to deacons and priests, bishops confirm and ordain.


‘Diocese’ refers to the geographical territory in which a bishop exercises oversight. The Church in Wales is divided into six dioceses each with its own cathedral in which is housed the cathedra (the bishop’s ‘chair’ or ‘throne’).

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Social Responsibility Fund

As a diocese we are currently working on developing a vision for our future.

One of the key themes of this vision is the need to be more involved in tackling social injustice - supporting and growing our churches’ initiatives to be more outwardly socially responsible.

The horrific scenes in Ukraine have prompted us to expediate our plans in this area and we are now launching a new fund to support these initiatives earlier than expected. We are asking for donations from across the diocese to grow this fund.

Bishop Cherry, explains: “We hope that people will contribute to this fund as it will help our churches support those most in need, when they need it most.”

“Initially, the funds will be used to help the thousands of refugees from Ukraine who are arriving in Wales seeking sanctuary from the horrific violence and devastation being wreaked on that country. However, it will also be available to support the work being done by our churches in welcoming refugees from all over the world, as well as developing projects which tackle the causes of injustice which lead to huge discrepancies in life expectancy, health, education and income throughout our diocese."

It is estimated that as many as 3,000 people, mainly women and children, could be arriving in the next few days and weeks in the areas that make up the Diocese of Monmouth. Congregations and church members will be keen to do all we can to support and help them as they seek to settle amongst us.

Bishop Cherry, says: “Our thought is to have our own fund so that we could help local churches better support refugees in their community and bring those who are quite isolated together.”

“This will be available to resource our support work locally in terms of practical and pastoral care as well as funding other things such as translation services so that we can offer emotional and spiritual support where that is needed.

“Please be as generous as you can. Ongoing support for the refugees who come here is going to be needed for many months and most likely years, and their needs are only going to increase as time goes by. Whatever you give will be used wisely and well. Thank you.”

How to donate

Giving to the Bishop of Monmouth’s Social Responsibility Fund

Individual donations

If you would like to donate please do so through the Church in Wales Gift Direct Scheme. Your full donation, plus any eligible gift aid, will directly help the Social Responsibility projects being run by our churches and ministry areas across the diocese.

To access the online form go to: https://www.churchinwales.org.uk/en/clergy-and-members/gift-direct/start-donating-your-church-or-parish/ once you have entered your personal details you will be asked to choose a beneficiary. Please select ‘The Bishop of Monmouth’s Social Responsibility Fund’. You can then choose the frequency of your donation, by selecting a one-off payment or a regular payment pattern of your choice. If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid can be claimed through the scheme - increasing the value of your donation.

Paper forms are also available to make your donation, these are available to download here: https://churchinwales.contentfiles.net/media/documents/2063_-_Gift_Direct_2022_Brochure-CF-DD_-_English.pdf Alternatively please contact the diocesan office if you would like one sent.

Donations from a Church/Ministry Area

If you are holding a collection or fundraising event for the Social Responsibility Fund as a Church or Ministry Area please send the donation to the diocesan office directly.

As always if you have any further questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. Libby Morgan-Owen 07508 801511 libbymorgan-owen@churchinwales.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Gift Direct scheme can be accessed here FAQs and Gift Direct queries can be sent to giftdirect@churchinwales.org.uk

How to apply

Applications will be considered on a monthly basis by the Diocesan Grants Group and reported to Standing Committee each quarter.

Applications will be considered for a range of socially responsible projects where need has been established within a Ministry Areas. All applications will need to demonstrate that projects or initiatives are –

a) Meeting human need and responding to needs arising in our communities


b) Tackling the causes of social injustice within our communities.

Projects may be extensions of existing activity or entirely new and may be the delivered by the MA alone or in partnership with another organisation.

More details can be found on the application form here.