Mothers’ Union

President: Jenny Barton
Secretary: Joy Ganesh
Treasurer: Kath Starr
Chaplain: Revd Linda Griffiths

Central Office: Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3RB
Tel: (020) 7222 5533. Fax: (020) 7222 1591 email:

The work of the Mothers’ Union is far broader than you may think.  As well as encouraging discipleship amongst women (and men) in the Diocese, they are actively involved in social justice and equality, both at home and abroad.


Co-ordinator: Jennifer Barton

Away from it all holidays – which provides holidays for the needy, this is run by a small dedicated committee.

Prison Visitors – members join the inmates every Sunday for the Eucharist, after which they join them for coffee and a chat. We have recently brought hymn books and from this year every prisoner will receive an Easter and Christmas Card.

Overseas link – we have a prayer link with the Diocese of the Highveld, Harare, Bangladash, Rokon and Sebi.  It is hoped that we can improve our links via the internet.


Co-ordinator: Lita Walters

This unit oversees the Social Policies of the MU, all Prayer and spirituality, runs Retreats and Quite Days within the Dioceses and provides many very important documents relating to social issues and useful literature which can be used by members and clergy. The unit also cares for all Indoor Members who receive birthday, Easter and Christmas together with a Prayer Diary twice a year.


Co-ordinator: Sue Russell

This unit aims to promote the MU either by events or by its literature, for example the 4 times a year magazine Home and Family and the News and Views publication which is issued free to all members twice a year, and also have oversight of our Diocesan Membership.


This is the unit that oversees the day to day running of the Diocesan organisation.  It consists of the President (Sue Griffiths), Secretary (Joy Ganesh) and Treasurer (Kath Starr).


There are 3.6 million members in 77 countries across the world, so the MU is a huge organisation.  There are thousands of local branches, but the work is co-ordinated at the head office in London.

Here is some of the work currently being done by the MU:

  • MU literacy and Development Project, which is teaching women and girls in Sudan, Burundi and Malawi to become both literate and numerate; it also trains them in life skills.
  • Parenting Courses overseas and in the UK and Ireland.
  • Contributions from the UK help to pay for the MU trainers – over 350 who work in needy areas overseas.  These workers travel around towns and villages teaching about hygiene, nutrition and so on.
  • The Relief Fund is available to help when disaster strikes, both overseas and at home.
  • Discussion packs have been published on Drug Awareness, Violence Against Women, Media Awareness, and Aids/HIV.  These help members to be more aware of the problems affecting thousands of families.
  • The MU is actively involved in the Jubilee Debt and Freedom from Poverty.
  • The MU has representation on the UN Commission on the Status of Women.
  • Excellent resources for prayer and worship available for Branches and Churches.
  • Here in  Wales, as in the UK, members are involved in all kinds of projects; work in prisons, child contact centres, hospitals, school clubs and many more.