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CMD: Being Ministers in the New Normal

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Being Ministers in the New NormalAn Autumn series of webinars from Diocese of Monmouth, for clergy, lay ministers and any others involved in ministry.None of us could have predicted the impact of Covid-19 on our world, as well as our churches and Ministry Areas. In the midst of an already changing landscape, living in lockdown has also brought challenges and changes to our own identity and calling as Christian ministers.This series of webinars is an opportunity to reflect more deeply on all the past six months has brought, bringing our varied experiences into conversation with one another, and with our theology of different aspects of ministry.Each webinar will be repeated on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm-3pm, and on Thursday evenings 7.30pm-8.30pm. They will only last an hour, but include reflections from speakers within the Diocese, the opportunity for small group discussion, and to bring together feedback and ideas with the Diocesan Team.Ministers in a virtual world — 22nd / 24th SeptemberSpeaker: Lorraine CavanaghBook a place : Prayer & Spirituality — 6th / 8th OctoberSpeaker: Jane ButlerBook a place: & Political Activism — 20th / 22nd OctoberSpeakers: Becca Stevens & Philip AverayBook a place: worship and online presidency — 3rd / 5th NovemberSpeaker: James HenleyBook a place:

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