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Diocesan Courses

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Faith in our Future

The Vision isn’t about survival of our churches, but about growth. As we rebuild confidence in our churches, and as we seek to rebuild, renew and refresh ourselves and congregations everywhere, we have a wonderful opportunity today to be part of a church that is not fearful for the future, but confident in our ideas and vision for growth and above all, in God who accompanies us wherever we are.

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Our Five Branches

We hope that you will find this course to be interesting, informative, challenging but above all enjoyable. The themes that are covered in each session are life giving and transformative – for us, for our churches and for other people.

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Croeso Courses

Two courses to help us be more invitational and welcoming

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Advent 2021

We’ve put this course together to help make this season a special time of reflection and expectation, of hope and trust and of re-commitment. Above all, we hope that you will make this season about Jesus and make it about you and your relationship with him and with the people and the creation around you.

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Lent 2023

Lent course recommendations

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Lent 2022

Daily reflections and Lent course resources

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Lent 2021

The purpose of the Lent Course is to help us explore together what it means to be a life-long disciple of Jesus Christ.

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