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Children and Youth

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In the Diocese of Monmouth, we want to Inspire you and your ministry with children, young people, and their families!Our aim is:

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To equip his people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up.

Eph 4:12

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Revd Rachel Nelmes is the Children, Youth and Families Ministry Adviser. She previously worked as a primary school teacher before starting this role in 2014 and she has 30 years of experience of Christian ministry in a variety of contexts.The resource libraryThe resource library offers a wide range of resources:WorshipTraditionalSeasonalAll-AgeDeveloping FaithChurchCommunityHomeCreative IdeasGamesScriptsPuppetsRequire some training or support?Workshops include:Creative prayerStorytellingGodly playPerforming with puppetsParachute gamesCollective worship (Primary)Collective worship (Secondary)And much more.Resource boxesA Resource Box has a range of selected resources designed around your ministry.There are resources for:ToddlersChildrenYouthWorshipFestivalsCommunionMessy ChurchFamily & FaithBible StudySchool AssembliesTrainingWelsh ResourcesClubsGames/ActivitiesDrama/ScriptsPuppetsGodly Play SetsIf you would like to order a resource box please email Rachel at further information please contact:

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Rachel NelmesEmail: 01633 267490usual working days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday