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How our link diocese is helping communities during pandemic

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During these unprecedented times, we have been keeping up to date with what our parishes have been to! From helping to keep food banks stocked to organising a virtual "Great British Bake Off" our clergy having been using all their skills and energy to support and lift the spirits of their communities.But what is life like in our link diocese in the Highveld, South Africa, a region which covers roughly 30per cent of the total land area of South Africa?The diocese has recently started delivering food parcels to those in need, and Bishop Charles gives us an insight into how they are supporting their communities during these challenging times....."On Saturday, as it was the first delivery, we were at the office to receive at 10am. We had asked some of the clergy to request members of their congregations who had vans to come and collect. We are using the churches as distributing centres after collecting from the food bank at diocesan office."What we did on Saturday was to ask clergy to organise 20 recipients so that there is no crowding and members of the council made sure that people were sanitized when they come, and the other help them keep the social distancing. They will be sanitized again after receiving their food parcels as they leave. We realized because so many people are in need, the number 20 is easy to control. The clergy also take to the elderly at their homes."We are the only 2 at the moment who have the permits, I am getting Social workers in the diocese to help."At the moment I have not heard of a known confirmed member of our diocese. Our Metropolitan City is the second in our Province of Gauteng after Johannesburg in terms of the confirmed numbers, which is scary. "Blessings +Charles

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