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Ministry Areas

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we trust God to lead us into the new and

shape us for the mission and ministry to which we are called

The Right Reverend Cherry Vann

Bishop of Monmouth

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As work around establishing ministry areas in the Diocese of Monmouth is progressing, we have produced a number of documents that lay out how these ministry areas will operate. These includetoolkitsbriefingsan explanation of the processFAQsprayer resources

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Introducing Ministry Areas - Bishop Cherry

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Read Bishop Cherry's transcript

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Ministry Teams

Understanding Ministry Teams

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Governance Toolkit

Governance - overview

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Finance Toolkit

Finance - overview

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Process chart for the formation of Ministry Areas

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Ministry Areas by Archdeaconry

Ministry Areas in Gwent Valleys Archdeaconry

Ministry Areas in Monmouth Archdeaconry

Ministry Areas in Newport Archdeaconry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ministry Area FAQs

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Prayer Resources