Deacons are called…

The particular work of the deacon is to show through loving service that God is concerned with the whole of life.

The deacon’s ministry is especially among
the poor, the sick, the needy, the troubled, those who are oppressed and those whom the world pushes to the edge.

Deacons connect the worship of the church with every day life. They assist the church in relating faith to life in places of work, organizations, society, the home and neighbourhood.

Most of their ministry takes place in these contexts, through service, pastoral care, preaching, teaching and prayer.

There are many ways
of being a deacon…

Traditionally those called by the church to priesthood spend twelve months serving as a deacon.

God calls others to a distinctive ministry as deacons. Usually these deacons will live in their own home, minister in their local church and community and be financially self-supporting.

The particular situation in which deacons are called to a large extent determines the shape of their ministry.

Deacons work with local clergy, other ministers and all the people of God, sharing in the ministry of Christ and equipping others.

The church needs deacons of many different ages and backgrounds.

[this material is based on Church in Wales leaflets on Ministry]