Newport-CathedralCroeso i Esgobaeth Mynwy

Welcome to the Diocese of Monmouth

The Diocese of Monmouth is the Church in Wales in south-east Wales, which is here to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our local communities.  

It takes its name from the county town of Monmouthshire, which sits on the border between Wales and England.  The Mother Church of the Diocese is Eglwys Cadeiriol Casnewydd, Newport Cathedral, which is reputed to have been founded by Gwynllyw (Woolos), a local warlord who came to faith, around 500 AD.

The Bishop of Monmouth is the Rt Revd Richard Pain, who has served all his ministry in the Diocese.

Until 1920 the Anglican Welsh Church was part of the Church of England, but since that date the Church in Wales has been independent and autonomous, setting our own vision, drawing up our own procedures, rules and regulations, while observing what is happening in our sister Churches of the Anglican Communion elsewhere in the UK and around the world.